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European Capital of Innovation prize.

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Rome [ENA] The European Union identifies yearly cities with inclusive innovation ecosystems by awarding the European Capital of Innovation prize. The prize recognizes urban ecosystems that connect citizens, the public sector, academia, and business, and successfully translate their results into better-quality wellbeing of their citizens. The award is part of the European Union's efforts to raise mindfulness about the benefits

of urban innovation 'with' and 'for' the citizens, supporting cities in addressing relevant societal challenges, and strengthening their urban resilience. With their capacity to connect people, places, public and private actors, urban areas can significantly boost innovation in Europe and improve the quality of citizens' lives. New approaches to undertake and deploy innovative practices are gaining support, making the shift from traditional top-down schemes to more open and bottom-up practices. Cities more and more act as platforms for experimentation, engaging citizens at all levels of governance and stages of innovation, from problem definition, to solution testing and application.

Therefore the Capital of Innovation prize aims at supporting inspiring cases of citizen-led and municipality- enabled innovation doing well in cities. The Award is an important recognition for city administrators who are courageous enough to open up their governance practices to experimentation. In addition to the monetary reward, the prize brings high visibility in the form of renewed public interest and amplified media coverage. The award will raise the profile of city teams that have developed and realized innovative policies; enhanced citizens' role in finding local solutions and participating in the decision-making process; facilitated the city attractiveness towards investors, industry, top class talents and

entrepreneurial individuals; helped the city to open up connections with others and cooperate with them, thus inspiring and helping identify best practices to be replicated across Europe. The Award will recognise: one European Capital of Innovation 2018 and the Winner will be named the European Capital of Innovation 2018 and will receive a cash prize of one million EUR. The prize amount is devoted to promote the Winning city's innovative practices, raise its international profile, and enhance its capacity as a broadly recognizable role model city for urban innovation.

Furthermore, there will be 5 Runner-Up cities, that is top five cities with the most disruptive innovation practices that lead to exceptional impact will be awarded a monetary prize of 100 000 EUR. The cash prize will reward Runners-Up' innovative solutions and will allow further scale-up of its initiatives. Last but not least, twelve finalist cities will be given the opportunity to showcase their experimentation and gain inspiration from experiences of other cities –for example, to learn about new approaches through the exchange of good practices, initiatives, ideas, and innovations. All Finalist cities will be included in the iCapital Alumni network. In case of questions, please contact

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